This platform has stopped operating since 19 July, 2013. All information are for reference only.
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The membership list of this Social Welfare Opinion Platform is public information, but this only applies to the names. At registration, members agree to provide their real names and declare their eligibility for the membership category they choose. They also agree that their supplied names are public information for public reference. Other personal information is kept confidential by POP. Platform members also agree that should there be any reasonable doubt, POP reserves the right to require any platform member to prove the authenticity of one's name and membership category by submitting more documents. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of one's account.

  1. AU Wing Lan
  2. Au Yeung Tung
  3. CHAN Chi Kwong
  4. CHAN Ching Yee
  5. CHAN Hoi Ki, Joanne
  6. CHAN Kam Fu
  7. CHAN Shiu Kan
  8. CHAN Siu Yuen, Stephen
  9. CHENG Tze Yau
  10. CHENG Tze Yau
  11. CHEUNG Chiu Hung
  12. CHEUNG Kar Po, Elaine
  13. CHEUNG Ki Mei Veron
  14. CHEUNG Man Mui
  15. CHONG Shuk Tuen
  16. CHOW Chiu Wah
  17. CHU Ka Chun
  18. CHU Wing Chong
  19. DHENG Oi Shee
  20. DU Pui Bik
  21. HAU Suet Mei
  22. HO Kwun Ngai
  23. HUI Siu Lai
  24. HUI Wai Leung
  25. KONG Ka Man
  1. LAI Yuen Ki
  2. LAI Yuen Ki
  3. LAM Man Chiu
  4. LAU Chi Ho
  5. LAU Ho Yuen, Benny
  6. LAU Hoi Tan
  7. LAW Him Yan
  8. LEE Chi Hung
  9. LEE Ming Wai
  10. LEE Ping Fai
  11. LEE Tin Yan
  12. LEE Wing Shan
  13. LEE Yun Ling
  14. LEUNG Ching Shan
  15. LEUNG Kin Hang Paul
  16. LEUNG Tak Yee
  17. LEUNG Tong Lit, Charles
  18. LEUNG Tsan Kuen
  19. LEUNG Yiu Por
  20. LIM Wan Ke
  21. MAK Mei Yee
  22. MAK Pui Hing
  23. MAK Wai Fun
  24. MAN Wai Keung
  25. NG Chi Kin
  1. NG Wai Kei
  2. POON Ngan Ping
  3. POON Tik Yan
  4. TAM Wai Ling
  5. TOU Yat Lung, Alex
  6. TSANG Ka Man
  7. TSANG Wing Keung
  8. TSE Wing Sze
  9. TSUI Hiu Tung, Joan
  10. WONG Hoi Ying
  11. WONG Kim Ho, Terence
  12. WONG Kwok Kei
  13. WONG Siu Hung
  14. WONG Siu Wai
  15. WU Wing Yee
  16. YAN Ho Kwan
  17. YAU Mei Siu Teresa
  18. YEUNG Yik Sang
  19. YU Tak Hoi
  20. YUE Wai Ming
  21. Zee Ka Ho
  22. 呂智恆
  23. 李志雄
  24. 李嘉豪
  25. 林強
  1. 侯漢保
  2. 梁劍邦
  3. 盛李廉
  4. 陳玉強
  5. 陳兆賢
  6. 程仁生
  7. 程志堅
  8. 鄒嘉敏
  9. 歐陽達初
  10. 賴建國
  11. 龍緯汶
  12. 龍緯汶
  13. 冼雅詩
  14. 鄺衛平

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